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"And when you meet the right person, you’ll be ready for her."

I’m so sorry for this, and I really hope this doesn’t come off as attacking any ship, but as an ex-Lauriver shipper, let me tell you this:

Laurel never loved the playboy Oliver, Laurel KNEW that Oliver was not a playboy, or at least, according to her she did, and that is what the writers were feeding us with, for two seasons. So basically, the “right fit” Oliver for Felicity is someone who HAS CHANGED. The island changed him, it “scraped away all the things he wasn’t, and revealed the person he has allways been which is the person, who (Laurel) always saw”. These are Oliver’s words, not mine.

So what I’m saying is that this is kinda… wrong? Because essentially, when you think about it, both women were in love with the same Oliver. It was only Sara, who fell for the bad guy behavior, why else would she agree to sleep with him, while he’s dating her sister? You see where I’m trying to get with this? No attacks, just… PLEASE for the love of everything, STOP comparing things with each other? Why do you have to put one ship down, to pump up another one?

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Equal parts chic, casual, smart, funny, confident and independent, Willa is basically everything we look for in a friend. This girl knows what’s up. I know I’m pumping her tires, but the truth is the truth. I love her guts… and not just because she sometimes reminds me of myself. Willa is a wonderful friend and the epitome of cool. At the end of the day she’s not afraid to just be Willa, and I love that." KATIE CASSIDY

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Don’t let her b e a u t y fool you

She may look like a r o s e

But roses have t h o r n s

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Fandom Family


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  • check who’s taken here
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Outlaw Queen + Parallels

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ehhh we reached 200 followers btw. WHOOP WHOOP

Yes we did!

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